Children are measured with shoes on.

Buy your tickets in advance for guaranteed access.

At the cash register
Ticket Pack 2 + 1 gratis

Ticket valid until the end of April

At the cash register 231,00 zł
Online 231,00 zł
Individual Ticket ≥ 1m
At the cash register 114,90 zł
Online 114,90 zł
Children's Ticket ≥ 85 cm between ≤ 99 cm
At the cash register 57,50 zł
Online 57,50 zł
Children's Ticket < 85cm
At the cash register Free
Reduced Ticket (Pregnant Women, People with Disabilities, Senior 70+)

Upon presentation of an official docment.

Only on presentation of your identity card! No reimbursements possible.

At the cash register 69,90 zł
Online 69,90 zł
Evening ticket

Only valid during one of the evening shifts during the period with corona measures. Check the opening hours for days with an evening shift. More info

At the cash register 69,90 zł
At the cash register 17,50 zł
Online 17,50 zł


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